* produces research on the most important issues of our time. Its studies arrive at concrete policy proposals.

* conducts in-depth investigative journalism reports.

* communicates its results and findings to the government, institutions and the general public. 

our vision

* we aim to contribute meaningful arguments and data to the public discourse

* we aspire to become a point of reference for researchers, institutions and decicion makers.

* we aim to promote policies that can lead to economic growth while protecting social cohesion.

our values

We appeal to the creative forces of society, all those who wish to objectively and rationally understand the state of  the world around them and engage in the development of a modern, creative and prosperous society.

We address all those directly or indirectly involved in shaping and implementing policy: Τhe government, members of parliament, business leaders, the academic and research community, students, NGOs, the media.

We are independent, transparent and impartial. We work without prejudice, rejecting stereotypes and dogmatic views.

We focus our activities on the key sectors of the economy, politics, technology and justice, seeking to formulate innovative but practical policy proposals.

Some of our main areas of focus:

* Investment, Taxation, Employment
* Technology and Innovation
* Environment
* State, Public Administration
* Institutions and the Political system
* Poverty and Inequality
* The Welfare State - Health and Insurance
* Education and Training
* Justice

what we are not

* we have no affiliation or link to any political party, political group or government agency.

* we are not a lobbying organization or pressure group.

* we do not identify with any political or ideological viewpoint.

* we do not express the interests of any business sector or organization.


The complexity of the problems that Greece is facing and the need to effectively address them has led us to establish partnerships with prominent research institutes and think tanks in Greece and abroad. Our activities focus on joint research programmes, publications, conferences, and presentations. Our goal is to build on the work of others, by highlighting pre-existing studies conducted by similar organizations.

We work with experts on issues relevant to Greece's problems and opportunities, whether located within the country or abroad.

We aim to gradually create an incubator of talented young researchers, interested in developing innovative solutions for Greece.


diaNEOsis produces and promotes high-quality research, and aspires to catalyse policy change through dialogue. Various means, such as specialized meetings, lectures, publications, articles and events are employed with the goal of maximizing the dissemination and the effectiveness of our findings. diaNEOsis posts its entire body of research and journalistic work online, freely accessible to the public. The same holds true for all datasets we collect and process, and for datasets generated by our research work.

our material resources

diaNEOsis' activities are financed exclusively from private funds that are made available without any restrictions or conditions other than those laid down by diaNEOsis itself in its Articles of Association and by-laws.

diaNEOsis' operating costs are covered in their entirety by Dimitris Daskalopoulos.

our supervisory board

diaNEOsis' is overseen by a 9-member Supervisory Board. The organization is ran by a core team of managers, researchers and journalists and is assisted by specialized research teams who undertake particular projects on our behalf.

the advisory board and its role

diaNEOsis' activities are overseen by a 30-member Advisory Board comprised of individuals lauded for their contributions in science, business, culture and community service. Its primary role is to advise and support diaNEOsis in its activities so it can successfully achieve its goals and transform its vision into reality.